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English at Central Sydney


Our English programs develop the English communication skills that students need to participate in an increasingly complex world.  They learn to identify, understand and produce the essential imaginative, informative and persuasive text types required in high school, tertiary education and the Australian workplace.     


The focus is on basic interpersonal communications skills. The topics build on everyday language and are taught through descriptions and opinions about topics they are very familiar with.

Examples: food, travel, clothing, family, colour. 


The focus is on expanding knowledge and skills gained in the Foundation program, broadening vocabulary and with increasing complexity in grammatical features. 

Examples: food, travel, clothing, family, colour.


The focus is on text structures in narratives and persuasive texts. Students learn to recount events in texts and to begin to understand techniques used to write well-structured and cohesive paragraphs around familiar topics.

Examples: studying overseas, technology in classrooms.


The focus is on building on structures in narratives and persuasive texts. Student explore audience and purpose in texts, "reading" visual texts and films to understand how techniques are used to promote a point of view, and prepare for mandatory syllabus topics. Students are introduced to a broader range of Literary techniques.

Examples: The experiences of Australia's first peoples, Climate Change, short narrative studies.